New ways to landscape your garden

Aug 8, 2013 | No Responses

grecianGarden courtyard – Framed by wisteria, a Grecian-style planter holds a tangle of geraniums and sweet-potato vines outside of this home.



Pretty path“Tardiva” and “Annabelle” hydrangeas, “Diana” Rose of Sharon hibiscus, and Hosta plantaginea line the walkway behind this house.



quiet cornerA quiet corner

Clematis and confederate jasmine climb a brick wall adjoining this  back patio.



elegant entrance  An elegant entrance

A vigorous clematis, this vine doesn’t just grow tall — up to 30 feet in a few months. It also grows wide, ensuring full coverage.

Consider its tiny white flowers, which bloom in late summer and early fall, a bonus. Oh, and did we mention that the plant tolerates most soil and sun conditions?


Garden pathGarden path

Lush ornamentals and edibles are planted between the straight lines of paths in this garden, which artfully binds yard to house.


Secret gardenSecret garden

With a structure to grow on, plants in this garden can create living walls that offer privacy and seclusion. Here, an arbor boasts a dense covering of roses that forms a natural “roof,” while a boxwood shrub anchors the base of each column. The result is an intimate seating area that can be used for relaxing or dining.

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