9 Rooms with Unique Decorating Details

Aug 28, 2013 | No Responses

The beauty is in the details… Yet so often when it comes to design, we stress about the big picture and forget to take a look at the little things. In fact, it’s the little things that help us put our own stamp on a space. Today we highlight the power of unique decorating details in every room of the home.

Just as seating and appliances are essential for a comfortable space, well-curated collections and inspiring vignettes make a difference.

A gallery-style wall filled with vivid images is undeniably striking, especially since a monochromatic look is achieved with the use of white frames and mats. The artwork is unified, even though a wide range of colors and looks are represented:


Bring on the bright! In this largely neutral space, we see how intense pops of color can be used to dial up the personality! Hot pink pillows and bar stools are extremely eye-catching, as is the room’s geometric rug.  And we can’t forget the floral arrangements that rest on the dining table and kitchen bar.  [image by Mel Curtis Photography for Sound Design & Cabinetry, Inc.]

Colorful-details-in-a-contemporary-spaceThere’s nothing more unexpected than a giant potted plant in the center of the room! In fact, this residential living space has an industrial feel that’s quite refreshing. Ample seating and a transparent room divider also create the vibe of a commercial space, yet comfy details like throw pillows ensure that this interior truly feels like home.

Never underestimate the appeal of an interesting throw pillow collection! And that’s not the only thing going for the living space below… A woodland-themed wall mural is an earthy backdrop to powerful pops of color.

Assortment-of-colorful-pillows-in-a-vivid-interiorLayering patterns is an effective way to add interest and depth to a space. This living area incorporates pillows, seating and a throw, all featuring a different print. Then there’s the addition of stunning branch-themed wall art. Neutral tones dominate the space, but there’s certainly no lack of variety…
Layered-patterns-in-a-San-Francisco-living-spaceSometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference… Below we see dining room chairs with colorful cushions. A candle votive in a similar rosy shade punctuates this color choice in a striking way.
Colorful-candle-and-seating-in-a-dining-spaceJust as the repetition of color adds flair to the space above, the repetition of fruit and citrus tones in the space below creates a fresh, foodie vibe. And pops of yellow, orange and green are perfect for a space that is otherwise crisp white.
Bistro-touches-in-a-beach-cottageThen there are those spaces that thrive on radiant color… From a bright orange mixer to a powder blue backsplash, there is no shortage of personality in this next featured kitchen.Modern-kitchen-with-interesting-touchesMany an interesting flourish decorates the bedroom below, from unique blooms in bedside vases to low-hanging pendant lights over the nightstands. Modern artwork and a bubble chair serve as other key focal points of the room. When you populate your space with brightly-hued finds, don’t hesitate to keep other large elements simple, as shown by the white embroidered bedding.

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